Iride Slider Editor

The administration area of Iride Slider is composed of:

  1. a menu area,
  2. a big preview area that occupies the rest of the screen,
  3. four draggable panels that can be hidden and showed independently.

Because a slider is a visual element the plugin has been built with a preview area as the main focus. This will show any changes made to the slider in real time.
The four panels, which give access to all available options, can be dragged around the screen and placed where it is more comfortable for the user.
Each panel can be opened from the menu area and closed independently with the same dedicated button or clicking on the X at the top-right corner of each panel.

Clicking on the Iride Slider icon on the menu bar temporarily toggles the visibility of the open panels to expose the full preview area.
Some of the panels might have content exceeding the height of the panel and can be scrolled.

The administration area has been built to be used on touch devices as well. Tablets are the smallest device suggested for the creation of the sliders.

In the following sections of this manual the functionalities of each panel will be discussed in detail.

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