Images Settings

Iride Slider Images settings

In the Images settings pane you can determine the look of the slides and images.

Iride Slider is more than a slider, giving the possibility to choose how many images to display per slide.
Yes, you read it correctly. There can be more than one image in the same slide, making it possible to create interesting sliders and galleries as well.
Use the Grid options to set the number of columns and rows you want.

Next you can set a border around the images, decide the roundness of the corners and the color.
You can use the border radius to make circular slides: just set the slider width, height and border radius to the same size.

The Caption options give you the possibility to show the caption or not ,on Hover will show it with the hover of the mouse, fill image will show the caption filling the entire image and the background sets the color of the caption’s background.

In the Font options you can choose the size of the caption text and its color.

The last option in this pane is to set the Text Shadows. Not much to say as the fields are self explanatory. Just play with them until you get the look you like!

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