How to create sliders and galleries

Once the plug is installed a new menu item will appear on the administration area of WordPress called ‘Iride Slider’.
Click on the menu and you will be presented with the editor to create your sliders and galleries.

In this article we will just explain the main concepts of how the application works. The details of each aspect of the application will be described in the section ‘The Working Area’ in this knowledge base.

When you access Iride Slider’s editor you will find a panel called ‘Sliders’ already open. Click on the plus sign on the left and a new slider will be created. This will contain already a temporary picture and some default settings will be used.
To start click on the ‘Image’ button on the menu bar and a new panel will open. This contains the images that make up the slider. At the moment there is only the temporary image. Click on the image preview and the Media Library will open. Select the image you want to for your first slide. You can select multiple images and they will all be added to the slider.

At this point you can already test the slider interacting with the arrows and bullets. The next step will be to personalize the slider, to do this click on the ‘Settings’ button on the menu bar. You can free space closing the ‘Sliders’ and ‘Images’ panels. Place the ‘Settings’ panel where feels more comfortable and start playing with settings.

Many settings are easy to understand and thanks to the instant preview you can always see what you are doing. The first thing to do is change the name of the slider to something that you like.

Once the changes are finished you can reopen the ‘Sliders’ panel and click on the saving icon in the right side of the slider name.


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