How to fix 404 not found page

Anyone using WordPress has at least once seen the famous 404 error in some parts of their site. This is even more common when using plugins that add new post types to WordPress.
When using BasePress you may encounter 404 errors for different reasons with the most common being the following:

  1. You haven’t selected the main page containing the shortcode in the General settings.
  2. You haven’t created any Knowledge Base yet. Even if you use it as ‘Single Knowledge Base mode’ you still need to create a Knowledge Base to function. Only the name is necessary in this case.
  3. You haven’t created any section yet.
  4. You haven’t selected any Knowledge Base or section for the articles.
  5. You have changed the slug of the page with the shortcode. In this case just go to BasePress Settings and just click ‘Save Settings’.
  6. You have changed the slug of a Knowledge Base. As above just go to BasePress Settings and just click ‘Save Settings’.

Even if none of the points above is true for your case visiting the plugins settings and just re-saving them should be the first thing to try to resolve 404 error pages. If this doesn’t help you are welcome to open a support ticket.

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