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BasePress Search Settings

The Search settings are used to control the behaviour of the search bar.

  1. Use smart search suggestion enable or disable the search suggestions on the search bar. Performance are directly influenced by server speed. Also suggestions may increase bandwidth use on the server.
  2. Disable on touch devices smaller than allows you to specify the minimum screen height for the device in which the smart suggestions should be shown. Small devices don’t have enough vertical space to accommodate the suggestion modal so in those cases it would be best to just disable it. This options just does that automatically according to the height you specify.
  3. Limit smart search suggestions sets the limit of how many suggestions to load on the search bar. The higher the number the slower suggestions will appear.
  4. Search field placeholder is the text that appears in the search bar field before the user insertthe search terms.
  5. Submit button text is the text that appears in the submit button.
  6. Show search submit button allows you to show or hide the submit button on the search bar. Without the button the user can still press enter to start a search.
  7. Search result page title¬†is the title for the search page. You can %number% to include the number of results in the sentence. For example you can use it like this: “%number% Search results found for:” or “There are %number% results for:”.
  8. “No search results found” page title is the title used in the search results page if no results where found.
  9. “No search results found” message for Smart Search¬†You can set here the text that will appear if there were no results in the live results in the search bar.
  10. Show all results text is the text that will be displayed in the search suggestion modal as a link for the user to see all the results. This behaves like when pressing the submit button or pressing enter in the search bar. If this option is left empty a + sign would be shown instead for the link.
  11. Load css on shortcode tells BasePress to load the css file outside of the knowledge base if the search bar has been added in the rest of your website with the shortcode. You can choose to not load the css to reduce the number of resources used on your site. In this case you would need to add the styling for the search bar in your main theme css file.
  12. Use search parameter on URL By default BasePress searches use the search base in the URL for searches like When this option is enabled search URLs will use the search parameter instead. The URL will look like

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