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In this article we will start exploring the General Settings which appear as you visit the Settings page

  1. The first option is the¬†Knowledge base page. This is a select menu with a list of your pages, you need to select the page where you placed the shortcode. If you didn’t create one yet, please follow the instructions here¬†first.
  2. Breadcrumbs name is the name shown in the breadcrumbs to link to the main knowledge base page. As default it is set to ‘Knowledge Base’. You can change it to what fits best on your project. We suggest to make this match with the entry page title for a better user experience.
  3. BasePress keeps track of the number of times an article is visited. This information is used to suggest related articles based on public interest.
    You can use the Exclude IPs from post view counter field to tell BasePress to ignore visits from specific IPs.
  4. Single Knowledge Base mode allows you to use the plugin for a single Knowledge Base. For more details about the difference between single and multi Knowledge Base mode please have a look at this article.
  5. Enable build mode when this option is enabled only admin users are able to see the knowledge base in the front end. This allows you to build you Knowledge Base while preventing visitors to see it until it is ready. Any visit to the KB pages would redirected to the home page of your site and if you have already added the Kb to your menu it would not be visible to visitors. Once the Knowledge Base is ready and you want visitors to see it you should disable this option.
  6. Remove all content on uninstall is an option that should be used with care:
    If your are planning to remove the plugin permanently including all Knowledge Bases, sections and articles created, activate this option before uninstalling.
    ATTENTION! Once the content is removed it cannot be restored
    If you just need to delete the plugin before installing an update make sure that this option is NOT enabled.

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