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The search bar is one of the most important features of a Knowledge Base. It helps the users to find the information they need quickly.
As it is known WordPress comes with a search bar that is very limited and not adapt for a knowledge base.
For this reason BasePress has been developed with a search bar of its own.


BasePress search bar features an optimised algorithm to find the most relevant articles according to the search terms used. This includes the capacity to look for articles that contains any of the search terms and assigning a score to any of the found articles.
The score is based on where the search terms have been found in the article, how many visits the article has received and user votes. The search results will be sorted according to these criteria and displayed live with a snippet of where the terms where found in the article’s content.

Many search bars find results only if all of the search terms are found in the content and WordPress standard search bar is not an exception. This means that if the user types two or more terms, articles that contain only one of those terms won’t be found remaining hidden to the users.
BasePress search algorithm will find any combination of terms present, highly increasing the chances to find a useful article for the user.

The number of results shown on the live suggestions can be limited from the plugin settings in case we want to present only the very best matches and reduce the time needed to fetch results.

The user can then select an article from the ones suggested or make a full search and be directed to a new page where all found articles will be listed.

The search bar can be displayed with or without the submit button. The full search can be triggered pressing enter or clicking in the ‘View all’ button at the bottom. You can replace the plus sign with a text e.g. ‘View all Results’ from the plugin settings.

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