The navigation is an important aspect of any website. It helps surfing the articles in an organized way guiding the user through the content of the knowledge base.
BasePress features few types of navigation to help the user:

  • Previous and Next article navigation.
    When visiting any of the articles in the knowledge base a previous and next article navigation appears at the bottom of the article.
    This allows the user to move between articles in the same section and move in an ordered way inside the articles.
    To set the order the articles are displayed, there is a dedicated Drag & Drop feature in the admin area.
    Settings for this feature can be found under BasePress Settings->Articles Navigation.
  • Long articles pagination.
    If you have long articles in your knowledge base it might be a good idea to split them in multiple pages. This would reduce the loading time for the page which helps in particular on mobile devices.
    When articles have multiple pages, a page navigation appear at the bottom of the article allowing the user to move between them.
  • Sections pagination.
    The list of article for each section can be paginated selecting the amount to show at each page. If the articles are more then the set limit a pagination link will appear for the user to move along the pages.
    The settings for this feature can be found under BasePress Settings->Aspect. Use the option “Limit post count on multi section page” for the amount of post to show when multiple categories are displayed. Use the optionĀ “Limit post count on single section page” for the amount of article to show when a single section is displayed.


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