Using the Shortcodes

BasePress has a shortcode generator to create a list of articles from your knowledge base, to display in posts or pages in your website.

The shortcodes are not meant to be used to build your knowledge base but only to show articles outside of the KB.

To access the knowledge base shortcode editor navigate to BasePress>Shortcode Editor.

knowledge base short code

Basepress Shortcode generator.

To create a shortcode start by selecting all the options you need to display the articles you want. A preview of the articles appear in the text area on the left. Please remember: The results you see while testing the shortcode are dynamic and will change over time. It depends on article views, article scores or if you add new articles to your documentation.

Once you are happy with the results you can copy the shortcode and paste it in the posts or pages where you want the list of articles to appear in your website.
The style of the generated list of articles, will correspond to your WordPress theme.

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