Adding Sections


Before adding sections make sure you have created at least a Knowledge Base.
The Sections page is similar to the Manage KBs page width a few differences. The sections can have icons and images, they are used in the front side depending on the theme used. The standard BasePress themes use this icons next to the section title and the image when viewing the sections in the boxed style.

To add a section to a Knowledge Base select first the Knowledge Base from the menu on top of the table on the right. Then create the section filling the form on the left.
To add a sub-section click on the section name on the list. This section will be the parent section. Now create the new section.
You can always know where you are in the hierarchy checking on top of the list. If you are inside a section it will be named after the Root. Click Root next to the Knowledge Base menu to go to the main Knowledge Base sections.

Each Knowledge Base can have many Sections and each section can have sub-sections.

Editing, deleting and sorting sections works as for the Knowledge Base page.

All Actions in the sections page are Ajax based so there is no page refresh speeding up your work.

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