Adding Knowledge Bases


To add your Knowledge Bases go to Manage Kbs under the knowledge base menu.

This page is not much different from the standard WordPress category page but has some useful features.
Every Knowledge Base can have a description and an image associated to them to be used according to the theme in use. Also you can decide for each Knowledge Base how you want to style the sections and sub-sections. You can choose between list and box style. The look would change depending on the theme used.

Once you create a new Knowledge Base it will be added directly to the table on the right. When you have more than one Knowledge Base you can drag them on the right table to sort the order they will appear on the entry page in the front side.
Press Save Order to make your changes permanent.
If you use the knowledge base in “Single Knowledge Base mode”, the first Knowledge Base in the list will be the one used. You can switch between single and multi Knowledge Base mode at anytime.

If you hover one of the existing Knowledge Bases on the table list one or two icons will appear.

  • The Pensil – use this to edit and modify the existing Knowledge Base
  • The Bin – use this to delete the Knowledge Base. As a security measure this icon is available only if the Knowledge Base contains no articles. The article count is indicated in the previous column. If you want to delete a Knowledge Base which has articles, go to the articles page and delete them first or move them to another Knowledge Base.

All Actions in the Knowledge Bases page are ajax based so there is no page refresh speeding up your work.

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