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Adding articles to the knowledge base is not very different than standard posts and pages in WordPress.

There are just few extra options to be aware of.
Before saving an article remember to select the template, Knowledge Base and section it pertains to. Articles without Knowledge Base and sections are invisible to the public. Linking to them directly may generate a 404 error page.
Articles without a template associated will be displayed with a full width template.
You can select an icon for the article. If no icon is selected a default one will be used.
If the relative fields are not present make sure they are enabled in the Screen options on the top right corner of the screen.

In the All Posts page we added the votes, a score based on votes and views for each article to keep an eye on how well articles are doing.
To reset votes and views counters use the dedicated actions in the ‘Bulk Actions’ menu. To reset all articles counters just use ‘Reset all views’ or ‘Reset all votes’ bulk action with no selections.

The articles list can be filtered by Knowledge Base or section/sub-section or sorted by votes score or views count.

To change the order articles appear in the front end of your website go to Post order under Knowledge Base menu.
Select the Knowledge Base and section the articles pertain to and drag and drop the articles in the order you prefer and then click on ‘Save Order’ on the top right corner of the list.

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