BasePress Features

BasePress is the perfect WordPress Knowledge Base Wiki Plugin with everything you need to create excellent documentation for your business needs.

Multiple Knowledge Bases

Build fully independent knowledge bases. It works beautifully as a standard single knowledge base and in case you need, you can add more knowledge bases at any time.

Advanced search bar with live results

Search for any content and get live results with a snippet of where the searched terms were found and highlighted query terms.

Unlimited section hierarchy

No matter how complex your content is BasePress helps you to organize it in the best way. Create sections and subsection with as many hierarchical levels as you need!

Boxed and List view for sections

Display your sections as a list of articles or as boxes. Choose the look of your sections and sub-sections independently.


Never let your visitor get lost with this fundamental feature. They will always know where they are not matter how deep they ventured in your documentation!

SEO friendly permalinks

Let visitors and search engine know how your content is structured with well organized permalinks.

Drag and Drop reorder for KBs and Sections

Just drag and drop your knowledge bases and sections in the order you like. It's just that easy!

Icons Manager

Choose any icon font available on the net and cherry pick each icon to use in your documentation. Keep the admin interface clean displaying only the icons you need.

Knowledge Base Widget

Jump between knowledge bases easily with this sidebar widget. It displays all available knowledge bases in a list or dropdown menu for the user to choose.

Sections Widget

Lists the sections within the current knowledge base and makes it easy for anyone to move among them.

Related Articles Widget

Lists the articles that are in the same section of the current article and presents them in an ordered way!

3 Themes included

Choose between 3 themes, fully customisable via easy templates or create your own for full control on the look and feel of your knowledge base.

Premium Features

Content Restriction

Have full control over your content. Choose who can access any of the articles, sections or KBs in your documentation with fine-grained precision.

Articles Voting and User Feedback

Find out which articles are useful and which need improving directly from your visitors.

Automatic Table of Contents

Automatically creates a table fo contents for your articles and lets the user skip to the content they are interested in. Add it at the top of the article or in the sidebar with a dedicated widget.

Articles Navigation

Adds a NEXT and PREVIOUS articles link to your knowledge base. It makes it easy for your visitors to navigate through the articles, in the same section, in an ordered and logical way.


Notices are an easy way to highlight something important or useful to your readers.

Drag and Drop reorder for articles

Organise your articles in any order you like with a dedicated drag and drop feature. Make your visitors find the information they need in a logical order.

Tags Support

Further organize your content with tags and let visitors find similar articles across multiple sections.

Popular articles widget

Displays the most popular articles within the KB the user is consulting, selected by user views or votes.

Shortcode Editor

Add a list of your knowledge base articles anywhere in your site with shortcodes. Use the built-in editor to generate the shortcode for the right articles to appear.

Multisite support

Running a multisite? No problem install BasePress in your network and manage all your installation with ease. Each installation in the multisite requires a license.


See instantly which articles are most visited and how they score based on visitors views and votes. Find out what people are searching for and what they couldn't find answers to.

SearchWP integration

Get the most relevant content from searches, in your knowledge base with SearchWP. The best search engine plugin for WordPress, fully compatible with BasePress!

WPML integration

BasePress Premium integrates with WPML out of the box! Build a multi language knowledge base with ease.